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I stopped updating this website in October 2010 (others are doing a better job now).

New World Order and the Climate Scam (October 2010)







H1N1 - The Story Behind The Lie


H1N1 - The Story Behind The Lie 2


This is the latest update from Dr Bill Deagle 24th November

50 minute audio very important information.

Right click and download here.


An interesting and important discussion about 2012 with a variety of speakers!


This on Russia Today - official Russian TV and free from Western censorship.


David Wilcock on 2012, time, space and consciousness. Claim your freedom!


These interviews will change the way you view the world!

Dr. Pete Peterson - finally released September 2009 Part 1


Pete Peterson Part 2 - fascinating information about energy fields, health & alternative medicine.


Pete Peterson Part 3 - his previous work with NASA and the Russian equivalent of NASA



Jim Marrs on Obama and the 'Fourth Reich'.



"The world is as you dream it - trade in the old nightmare..."

Don't watch them if you want to stay asleep to the coming reality...


Jessica Schwab - Crystal child.

She takes about 15-20 minutes to blossom into an incredibly eloquent speaker with a powerful and moving message.


Miriam Delicardo "We are not alone, we are being watched."

"If every individual on the planet planted a small garden, we would not have to produce so much oil, or transportation, or pollution, or plastics. It would also give every individual on the planet a taste again, a glimpse of why we are here. To be able to experience the beauty around us. Educate yourselves on what is happening to the Earth's seeds."


Leo Zagami (Italian Aristocrat) on religious structure and world power -

"There are practicing Muslims within the Vatican."

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


You can find more like these from the source - www.ProjectCamelotPortal.com


I would also recommend the Benjaman Fulford interviews about power, finance and corruption.

Living in Japan, he was the first westerner to join an eastern secret society and was 'offered' the position of US Finance Minister. With death threats coming from all sides, he now  brokers a deal  to prevent the US becoming bankrupt, end poverty and ensure world peace. 'Kings like wars and wars cost money'. Fulford offers a new way of life and a win-win scenario for politicians, organised crime and the poor of the world. By part 3, a new world order is revealed.

    "I think that we can learn about the future by looking at our evolutionary past. So when the billions and trillions of cells that make up our bodies agreed to become part of one body, there was some serious bargaining. So, you know, some cells got to be brain cells and some cells had to be asshole cells, right? But to compensate, for example, the assholes get lots of pleasure and they donít have to work very hard and theyíre treated with respect. You know, people even lick them!

    And so the point is, the same way, somebodyís gotta collect garbage and clean toilets. And youíve gotta give them shorter working hours, better pay, and compensation for that work. In other words, by creating a really good balance for all people, youíll maximize human progress. Thatís the bottom line. Itís common sense. You donít suppress people. You lift them up and release their potential."

Of course, Fulford's offer was declined and it is rumoured that Japan bailed the US out anyway...

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This website has been replaced by: